A man named Alfred has handcrafted 100 pens and is donating the money to Steinbach Community Outreach (SCO). 

Alfred started making pens 25 year ago, so he’s gotten pretty skilled at it. 

Debbie Dueck was able to connect Alfred with SCO through her friend Nancy Rybak. 

Dueck says Rybak was working at a care home where Alfred goes every day to visit his wife. 

“He made Nancy one of these pens as a gift, and she was just very wowed by that. It was quite the gift,” she says. “They got talking and Alfred gave 20 pens, and then Nancy was asking me ‘maybe we could do something with this and somehow help people.’” 

That’s when Dueck mentioned selling the pens and donating the money to SCO. 

“I had mentioned the outreach program and how they were broken into and she had mentioned it back to Albert, and he loved that idea and then he just started pumping out pens!” 

So her and Nancy posted a video of Alfred and his pens onto Facebook and visited SCO. 

“We marched into outreach with this box full of pens and sat down with Irene and a couple of the other ladies there, and tossed this idea at them and here we are today.” 

Dueck says it’s incredible that Alfred spent all this time making these pens, and now is donating the majority of the money raised to SCO. 

"Just unbelievable. He’s a superstar.” 

Alfred donated his time, materials, and added cross inserts into each pen, which cost him just under $500 for all 100 pens. So he’ll be getting back $5 for each pen sold. 

"it's just kind of fair, like not to rob the guy blind, but that's what he wanted to do.” 

To buy a pen, call 204-380-2692 or email steinbachoutreach@gmail.com.