While Lynx Air has announced it is shutting down operations on Monday morning, some flights for this weekend have been cancelled. 

Lynell Desjardins, former Steinbach resident, was enjoying the end of her girls' trip in British Columbia when she found out Thursday night that their flights back to Manitoba on Saturday morning were cancelled. 

“There are seven of us out here and we just all started scurrying around, trying to find flights home,” she says. 

Desjardins says it was really a surprise to get this cancellation notice because they had received emails on Wednesday, giving them notice of their upcoming flights. To then find out the following day that those flights were cancelled, and they were on their own to book new flights on a different airline, it was quite a shock. 

While they couldn’t get flights together, Desjardins is thankful they were able to secure seats on a few different flights to get back to Manitoba. 

The group was in Vancouver for a bachelorette party and Madonna concert. 

According to flylynx.com, the airline is shutting down operations due to "the compounding financial pressures associated with inflation, fuel costs, exchange rates, cost of capital, regulatory costs and competitive tension in the Canadian market have ultimately proven too steep a mountain for our organization to overcome. It is with a heavy heart we leave the skies."