The dismal financial situation at Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach has reached a point where drastic measures must be taken to right the ship.Board President Al Hamm says a number of full time staff will be laid off while other seasonal staff will not be hired next summer.  Hamm says only 3 core positions will remain; the executive director, program director and curator.  He would not say how many layoffs there will be but is hopeful it will result in a cost savings of about $130,000.00 a year.  The Museum was debt-free as recent as 2001 when personnel costs totalled $190,000.00 a year.  In 2006, that number has risen to $320,000.00 and Hamm says that's a major reason for their debt being as great as it is.  The Museum relied on nearly 450 volunteers this year and the board is hoping more of these volunteers will be willing to take on leadership roles and manage certain stations and activities.