The Hanover Fire Department responded to an apartment fire Thursday night in Blumenort. 

Fire Chief Paul Wiebe says the call came down just after 11:30 pm, for a possible structure fire in a three-storey apartment building along Oakdale Drive. 

"When crews arrived, they found a fire in a suite that they had already attempted to extinguish using fire extinguishers," explains Wiebe. "The building was being evacuated due to smoke."

Wiebe says firefighters assessed the scene, finished extinguishing the fire and cleared the smoke out of the building. They were on scene for about 90 minutes.

"It was a good stop and good actions taken," notes Wiebe.

According to Wiebe, it was a cooking fire on the stove. 

He has provided a preliminary damage estimate of $5,000.

Wiebe adds there were no injuries.

He says fire inside a building like that certainly has the potential to get out of hand in a hurry. Wiebe notes with all of the air conditioners running there is a lot of oxygen and all it takes is a spark or enough heat to light that fuel on fire. 

Wiebe says for fire calls like this one, they will call in additional resources before even getting to the scene. In this case, the extra help was not needed. But Wiebe says anytime you have a fire in a three-storey building, there is the potential for things to get out of hand in a hurry.