The committee for the Local Urban District of Mitchell is planning to lower its mill rate this year.

Chair Brad Kehler says their mill rate in 2022 was 5.125 and the plan is to lower that to 5.0 mills for 2023. He explains their committee opted to lower the mill rate because this is a reassessment year in Manitoba.

"And so peoples' assessments potentially are going up," he says. "And we want to kind of keep our budget in a balance for the residents."

According to Kehler, the LUD committee has a few capital projects planned for this year. The committee plans to contribute $80,000 to the upgrades of Centre Street North phases one and two. The committee also plans to construct a concrete sidewalk along Oakview Avenue from Elm Street to Centre Street North.

As part of its commitment to improving street lighting in the community, Kehler says they will be working with Manitoba Hydro to upgrade lighting along Stanway Avenue North and Centre Street North.

And, in preparation for the future development of active living pathways in Mitchell, Kehler says residents can expect to see local drainage system improvements along Centre Street North. 

"While the 2023 plan appears visually less aggressive than perhaps the last couple of years, the plan includes a contribution to the reserve for future projects," notes Kehler. 

He explains the LUD committee knows of streets needing to be rebuilt and is setting aside money in its reserves now as it plans for future upgrades. 

Meanwhile, Kehler says the LUD committee is planning a spring meeting again this year and though a date has not been set, he anticipates it will likely happen in late April. Kehler says he expects at that meeting they will hear what residents think of the curbside compost collection program that launched in 2022. He notes to date the committee has received very little feedback from the community regarding this new program.