More than 400 dogs in Morris will soon have a new space to socialize, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated committee.

"A dog park in Morris has been talked about for a long time," said Lori Mazinke, a member of the group spearheading the initiative.

The Town of Morris has provided dog park organizers with a parcel of land along Highway 23, near the old Scratching River fish and game park.

A space for dogs will make room for exercising and socializing, not just for pets but humans too, Mazinke said. The committee is hoping a park will also help to resolve the issue of some pet owners not cleaning up after their animals on streets and yards.

Before the transition can begin the committee must fundraise for infrastructure, such as fencing and separate designated areas for small and large dogs. Currently, they are looking for sponsorships to help pay for other features, like an agility course and signage.

The Town will provide maintenance and garbage pick-up services, while also covering insurance costs. The group will not be charged property tax.

A timeline has not been set, but Mazinke said the group hopes to get the park started by fall.