The best way to start summer in the Southeast is back this weekend with the Niverville Fair!

In the days, weeks, and even months leading up to the big weekend, excitement is building in the community. As kickoff fast approaches, General Manager Dustin Krahn is feeling good.

“We've done this a few times so we know how it goes, we’re busy behind the scenes getting things rolling, and everything’s on track and falling into place. Once the gates open, we start feeding off the crowd, they all come in excited.”

Krahn says that when people walk through those gates, they’ll encounter everything they’ve loved about the Niverville Fair in the past, plus a few exciting new offerings.

“There's a lot going on! We’ll have motocross. A bunch more food trucks. Lots of bands on the PlayNOW stage – the stage in beer gardens. A comedian Saturday afternoon. Some really cool stuff in the kid’s zone this year – some big dinosaurs and inflatables. Plus staples like fireworks on Main Street and the Saturday night concert. One of the new attractions this year is the Globe of Death. We've been looking for that one for several years now, and finally managed to find one this year, so that should be pretty exciting.”

Many may have seen the Globe of Death on YouTube or television, but never in person. Now to see the death-defying performance in person will be thrilling for fair-goers of all ages. For those new to the Globe of Death, Krahn explains.

“The way I would describe it is dirt bikes driving around inside a steel globe, doing all kinds of choreographed tricks. It's one of those edge-of-your-seat things because you think they're going to crash into each other.”

Krahn says while planning this year’s fair, they made a point of ensuring there would be offerings for the whole family to enjoy.

“We've put a lot of focus on the kid’s zone this year – trying to get stuff the young ones will really enjoy. The most challenging age is probably the 14 to 17 zone, but that's where these extreme shows cater to everybody. Most people like seeing a dirt bike flying through the air. It's important to us that we have a good balance and get something for everybody.”

Of course, the concerts are a huge draw for the Niverville Fair and this year is no exception.

“We're pretty excited,” shares Krahn. “The Heels have been on our radar the last four or five years, they’re three women with just amazing harmonies. And then obviously Jade Eagleson and Tim & The Glory Boys on the Niverville Credit Union Main Stage will be really good – there’s a lot of buzz around them, it'll be a lot of fun.”

All this fun would not come to fruition without the support of local businesses, says Krahn.

“We couldn't do it without them. We're really blessed with a lot of great sponsors and people who are stepping up to do anything and everything for us. The financial support is amazing. It’s what allows us to really go out and do some of these cool things that we’ve had the privilege of doing year after year. That support is pivotal.”

As the Niverville Fair grows, Krahn says that what really sets them apart from other street fairs is the street entertainment on offer.

“We really like to offer street entertainment like motocross and the Globe of Death. In the past, we've had trampoline acrobats, wakeboarding, and jousting – and we want to keep bringing in cool unique acts like that.”

One part of the Niverville Fair that people may not look forward to, is obtaining tickets. Krahn acknowledges the lines have been long in the past, and this year they’ve found a way to streamline the process through online ticketing.

“There’s a multitude of things that can hold up a line, so people who want to buy online will get a better price and they'll get a faster line too.”

Last year, Niverville Fair hit capacity and had to turn some attendees away. Krahn says this year those who purchase their tickets online won’t have to worry.

“Your online ticket will ensure you're going to get in.”

From performing artists to fireworks, food trucks to rides, to dirt bikes and the Globe of Death – you’ll find all the information you need about the Niverville Fair in your mailbox and online.

“We really encourage people to check their mailboxes for our promotional magazine, look through it, and also take note of all the advertisers in it too… Those are the amazing sponsors who make this all possible”

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