The 2024 Niverville Communities in Bloom committee is excited about an upcoming project that all residents can be a part of. 

Shirley Hoult says the Tile Mosaic Project will give every person a chance to design a tile that tells others what’s best about their town. Hoult gives us more details.  

"We're putting the wall up in Hespeler Park. Where every family, every household in Niverville has a chance to purchase a tile. It's $10 a tile. It's greenware tile, and they can create their design on that tile using glazing.” 

Hoult says they are planning on hosting two glazing sessions at the Niverville CRRC. 

“Our hope is that people will come together, meet their neighbors, meet new neighbors, families, friends, whatever, and do the glazing together.” 

She notes that the Niverville High School will process the tiles using a kiln at the school.  

“So, they'll be fired up, and then they'll be cemented onto a wall on the south-end of the picnic shelter at Hespeler Park, for hopefully 20 years or more. It will speak to the values and the importance of Niverville to the community residents.” 

Hoult adds that residents can register for a one-hour timeslot until the end of May. 

“And then there will be two painting sessions. One on June 1 and the other June 4. We'll be bringing in tiles to start the two glazing sessions and we hope to have as many tiles as possible completed by the middle of June, so that we can get them fired before with the school year finishes.” 

Hoult explains what will happen next. “Then throughout the summer a local-international artist, that lives here, is going to create a design for us, subject to Council approval of course. And those tiles will then be placed into that design throughout the summer and fall.” 

Hoult says the $10 charge will include the tile, the brushes, the blazing and everything they need. All that residents will be asked to bring is their design idea. 

“So, they need to draw out the design on a piece of paper, so they already know what they're going to do, and then transfer that onto the tile with the glazing, and then we'll take it from there.” 

Hoult says she is excited to see what kinds of designs will be painted on the tiles.  

“It's whatever is meaningful to each individual, whatever they'd like to put on the tile.” 

She adds confidently, "we're hoping to get it completed this year, definitely by the end of September. Yeah, definitely we'll have it finished.” 

As to the purpose of the project, Hoult says, “It is quite an exciting project to bring the community together, and especially to put some colour and art into the park.”

Niverville Mosaic Tile Wall