Niverville residents should expect to see a significant amount of construction happening on their streets this summer.

Director of Communications and Public Relations, Cyrus Reimer says they will be spending about $1 million dollars.

"So overall, it's a pretty large project. It was something we were hoping to do last year, but things happened, and we were required to move it to this year. But you know it's a big project and it's something we've definitely had people ask us about.”

Reimer notes each of the individual projects has an estimated start-time and timeline. “I mean obviously with the weather, and then there’s the material acquisition and things like that, so obviously we can't give an exact timeline, but we are estimating for our 4th Ave. South project to hopefully begin around beginning of June and work on it until the end of July. Our Errington Way project will be sometime in July. Our Church Ave. project will start sometime in August and our Edelweiss Crescent project will also be sometime in August.”

Reimer says there are also a few smaller projects including building a sidewalk along the MCC store back lane on 5th Ave. “It's definitely something we've had people ask about. We know with the town growing and more students in town and whatnot, there's also definitely a lot of movement behind the MCC. So, we are just making sure that the pedestrian corridor back there is up to snuff and it’s definitely a priority.”

Other minor street / sidewalk projects include asphalt patching on Hampton Drive and creating a double-wide path along Drovers Run, from the tracks to the new pedestrian bridge. To which Reimer says, “In the future, the plan is to continue to create an active transportation network, and this is just for one of the steps in that direction.”

Cyrus Reimer, Director of Communications and Public Relations for NivervilleCyrus Reimer, Director of Communications and Public Relations for Niverville

4th Avenue South project will be a complete street rebuild from 1st Street South to 3rd Street South, including a new sidewalk, curbing, a parking lane and new land drainage piping. Also, the entire boulevard will be reconstructed, including re-landscaping and driveway sections. The 4th Avenue church parking lot will be reduced to one or two access points off of 4th Ave, instead of free access along the entire parking lot.

The Edelweiss Crescent and Church Avenue projects will include a complete street rebuild. On Errington Way, crews will be replacing the concrete drainage swale next to Hampton Drive and remove the existing asphalt and resurface the entire street.

It was noted that the reason these street and sidewalk projects are happening this summer is to improve sidewalk and driving surfaces in Niverville. But also, to upgrade streets and sidewalks to current standards. The town also hopes to improve drainage along the streets and provide proper parking, specifically along 4th Ave. South.

Reimer says with all these projects there are bound to be some inconveniences.

“Which is very unfortunate. But you know the town is striving to minimize that as much as possible. We want to ensure that residents can get these nice, brand-new streets, but not to the point where we are cutting them off from their property for weeks, right? So, we're hoping and obviously again dependent on weather and materials and stuff like that, but we’re hoping that there won't be more than a couple of days or a week at max where access might be limited.”

"We're doing what we can, and we are working on how we can make sure that people will have as much access as we can possibly give.”

For now, Reimer says, “We are just asking residents for flexibility and understanding as we go through this process, because you know, as I said, there's many factors that can influence what's going on, and I know there'll be some days where it might be a little, tough with access, like getting on and off your driveway. But we're just asking that they bear with us so that they can enjoy the wonderful brand-new streets that they'll have once these projects are over.”