There’s a new doctor in the town of Niverville. 

As President of the Board of Niverville Health Care Services Inc, Nathan Dueck is pleased to welcome a new physician to Open Health Niverville.  

"On behalf of NHCSI and the community of Niverville, I sincerely welcome Doctor Labossiere and her practice to our town and our clinic. We are excited about the experience and skills this physician brings to our growing medical facility. The growth we are seeing in the number of doctors that are wanting to practice in our clinic is a testament to our community and the people as a whole, is also encouraging. So it falls in line with the goals our board has set out as we continue to grow doctor retention and growth and services we provide to Niverville and its region." 

Dr. Elise Labossiere will be starting a part-time practice in Niverville on Monday, March 27, 2023.  

Dr. Labossiere is a bilingual physician who will provide general family medicine for all ages, from pediatric to geriatric individuals. She will be accepting new patients to begin her practice at Open Health Niverville.  

The following is from a statement released to the residents of Niverville on Monday.

"Due to the high need for family practitioners in the southeast, we anticipate a large number of requests to come into the clinic. So, to alleviate the strain on our phone lines, Open Health has created a new email for new patient inquiries only." 

It continues with, "Please note, if you currently have a registered provider at Open Health, there will be no switching permitted. As well, if you have a healthcare provider elsewhere in the region, Open Health will not accept your request."  

For NHCSI, this is an exciting announcement, as it is for the growing community of Niverville. 

Niverville Medical Clinic was started by Doctors Chris and Mairi Burnett in 2005. Then in 2017, the clinic became Open Health Niverville and moved into its current location at 161 2nd Avenue South.  

Open Health Niverville is a social enterprise, which means that profits are reinvested into the non-profit organization which is now called “Niverville Health Care Services Inc.” NHCSI took ownership of the Open Health Clinic on March 2, 2020.  

A board of directors oversees the overall direction and long-term planning of the clinic.