There were no injuries in a four-vehicle fender bender involving a Penner International semi, a 1-tonne truck and 2 other vehicles, west of Mitchell, Thursday afternoon.

Hanover Fire Chief Paul Wiebe says, they were dispatched to the scene at 4:30pm. Wiebe says there were 4 vehicles involved. There were no injuries and nobody was transported to hospital.

Murray Wood, driver of the semi says he was travelling eastbound along Hwy 52, about 4 miles west of Mitchell, when a 1-tonne truck in front of him made a sudden left hand turn on Hwy 52. 

Wood notes, the driver of the truck in front of him, came up to his turn fairly quick and had to stop fairly quick. Wood notes, that his semi did not go out-of-control in any way and he was able to stop on time. However, the driver in the vehicle behind him appeared not to be paying attention and rear-ended the semi. 

Wood notes there was another car behind the vehicle that rear-ended the semi. That car, in an effort to avoid a collision, turned out of the way quickly and sideswiped the truck. 

Hwy 52 was closed for about 30 minutes while emergency crews were on scene.