“It's been absolutely amazing.” 

Those are the words of Audrey Harder, Executive Director at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in Steinbach, when she was asked how to describe Culturama 2024, so far.

"I couldn't have expected it to be any better. I can't believe it.”

The week began by celebrating the people of Ukraine, Tuesday guests went on a visit to Mexico and Wednesday they learned more about the Mennonite culture.

Andrew Unger at Mennonite Night at Culturama 2024Author, Andrew Unger at Mennonite Night at Culturama 2024

Thursday, Day 4 of Culturama, is all about the Filipino community. Greg Carlos, past president of the Filipino Association in the southeast talks about what visitors will experience this evening.

“So it's gonna be a big night for everyone because you get to celebrate with us. You get to know the Filipino community, the culture, the languages, the food, and of course you get to know each every one of the officers that we have.”

Carlos describes the snack sample of food from their home in the Philippines. “So tonight is gonna be Pancit. It's a noodle-dish with vegetable. Of course, some people will get chicken for those people who would like to get chicken, and for those people who doesn't want chicken, it's OK we're very flexible with that.”

The entertainment for the evening will be performed in Tagalog, the national language of Philippines.

"There's gonna be a lot of music. There's gonna be a lot of dances. And everyone will learn about some Tagalog words from us, and of course, the history of the Philippines and some of the ethnic groups that we have in our culture.”

Greg Carlos, SEMF past-presidentGreg Carlos, SEMF past-president

Carlos notes the Filipino community has grown in the southeast in past years, with many newcomers from the Philippines now calling Steinbach home.

“I came to Canada 2005, and I moved to Steinbach 2008, and then fast forward, right now, like, I don't know what happened, you know, but I love it, because we have grown so much as a community, as a Filipino community. We have so many ethnic groups. And I always said to different communities, we are just one community. It's not about Filipino community, Ukrainian community, Mexican community. It's one community that we have here. And I just love it because as an individual community we get to learn from different cultures, right? It's one of the ways that we grow as individual, so I just love it.”

Filipino Culturama poster

Audrey Harder notes that tickets have been selling out every night. “It's $10 a ticket. So, if you want to get tickets, you better get them now. They've been selling out every night, which is great.”

Harder continues, “$10 gets you a snack, it gets you all the information about the country, gets you a good time and some fellowship as well. So, call the Pat Porter Active Living Centre, 204-320-4600. If we have tickets left, we can put them aside or come by and purchase yours, and while you're at it, you might as well purchase one for Friday because that's gonna be a good party as well, when we celebrate India.”

Culturama doors open at 5:30, with the entertainment beginning at 6pm. THURSDAY NIGHTS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! 

With files from Michelle Sawatzky

Photos in the gallery below were captures by Wren Dunham from the Pat Porter Active Living Centre.