Turning lanes on Highway 52 into La Broquerie are one step closer to becoming reality. 

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) presented their revised plan to widen Highway 52 and add turning lanes at the entrance of La Broquerie to the RM’s council. 

Along with that, they also plan to improve the ditch and drainage in the area, and proposed on relocating the access to the Shell gas station from Highway 52 to Des Pignons Street. 

Reeve Ivan Normandeau says that at this time, council cannot provide an estimate on when construction will take place. 

“We have no idea. They haven't even gone to the tendering process, so we don't have a timeline.” 

He explains the province will improve drainage by cleaning out the drains and going two feet deeper around the intersection, and make sure the water drain is going East. 

“It would for sure help that that little area in the corner, because that area always gets a lot of water in spring and fall, so this would for sure help with the drainage issue.” 

Normandeau says they would love for the province to pave the 302 South of the 52, as it’s used quite a bit by both residents and local businesses. 

“And also then pave 303, which would then alleviate all the traffic that's currently on 52 Highway.” 

Although he says it would be great, it’s unrealistic to expect those highways to get paved anytime soon. 

“The highway’s ready to go, but I know that the province has a lot of requests and a lot of demand. I would not be privy to know if it's imminent or not, but my initial take would be it'll take a while before getting them.”