The Steiner Cup belongs to Quarry Oaks.

The annual Ryder Cup format competition between Quarry Oaks and the Steinbach Fly-In golf club was played this past weekend at both golf courses.

Quarry Oaks won the alternate shot 6 ½ to 1 ½ points Saturday morning on the desert & quarry nines and then took the better ball matches 5 ½ to 2 ½ points Saturday afternoon on the Oak & Quarry nines.

The Fly-In, who won the Steiner Cup in 2022, rallied Sunday in the singles matches at their home course winning 11-5.

Chris Warrack, who was in the second to last group, was two down to Gabe Funk and won the 17th & 18th holes to earn a half point and secure the 17-15 victory for Quarry Oaks.

This was the 22nd playing of the Steiner Cup.

Quarry Oaks has won the Cup 15 times; the Fly-In has won six times and there was one tie.

2023 Quarry Oaks roster: Darren Hayden, Ryan McLean, Matt Fatouros, Norm Schellenberg, Carter Driedger, Jamie Roy, Jon Schroeder, Howard Plett, Rudy Martens, Andre Bitchok, Chris Warrack, Geoff Millar, Alves Dubois, Jody Fenton, Randy Morrow & Troy Blad

2023 Steinbach Fly-In roster: Brian Guenther, Doug Penner, Gabe Funk, Stef Gudmundson, Darrel Guenther, Fred Pauls, Brent Patten, Gion Delvecchio, Brayden Delvecchio, Kevin Burton, Tanner Harms, Ike Bueckert, Franz Rempel, Curt Guenther, Sean Loewen & Paul Marsch