Steinbach RCMP are investigating a case of vandalism to the cenotaph on Main Street. 

Tuesday morning, police notified Steinbach Legion President Bill Richards, who went to the cenotaph to take a look. 

“There has been some vandalism to the top portion of the cenotaph,” he says. “There is a coat of arms that is attached to the marble, it's a brass coat of arms, and it's been vandalized by different colors of paint. Initially, I thought it was chalk, but attempts to remove it were in vain.” 

Richards is disappointed to see such disrespect for a monument that honours our fallen war heroes. 

He has been busy getting everything ready for Remembrance Day and the poppy drive, and now seeing this vandalism, Richards says it is hard to take. 

This time of year becomes very sensitive for us as Remembrance Day encroaches. I'm just hoping that whoever 's responsible will be identified, or even better, admit to the wrongdoing and attend to the police station. We will be more than happy to enter into discussion as to the importance of cenotaphs across Canada, and particularly Steinbach.” 

Richards is not sure how much work will be needed to clean up the vandalism.

Clean cenotaph prior to vandalism.Cenotaph prior to vandalism.



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