The renovation project of the new RCMP offices on the second floor of the town of Niverville building at 329 Bronstone Drive is starting to see more trades coming and going as work continues on the renovation project.  

At the last Council Meeting, local businesses Southern Comfort Mechanical based in Grande Pointe and Trotco Electric of Niverville were awarded the contracts to work on the project as their bids came in lowest.  

Southern Comfort’s bid came in at $247,912 and Trotco Electric's bid was $235,000. 

Dyck says the completion date of the renovations for the new RCMP department is still up in the air. That said, he notes, there is a lot of work that has already been done in that space.  

“There's prep and framing that’s done, and we’re seeing action in the building, so we’re hopeful.” 

Mayor Myron Dyck explains that money to pay these trades has already been accounted for in their financials.  

“We budgeted roughly $1,000,000 for back in the day, right? So now we're just kind of doling out the contracts.” 

Dyck notes that this year Council decided to include the RCMP offices portion into their Capital Projects to be completed in one year.  

“We could have done it in four years, we could have done it in two years, but we said, ‘We’re doing it to be done and move on.” The money has been budgeted. The budget has been passed. Now it’s just a matter of writing cheques.”  

As to when an RCMP officer will be stationed in Niverville, Dyck says the RCMP Staff Seargent has not made an announcement yet.