The public consultation process will soon get underway regarding the intersection of highways 12 and 210 at Ste. Anne.  

This intersection has been notorious for serious collisions and near-misses. The study by Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure includes suggestions from adding rumble strips to potentially closing the intersection altogether. 

The In-Service Road Safety Review findings, which include short-term suggestions to improve safety as well as several long-term improvement options, are the subject of an ongoing functional design study and are only options at this point in the process. 

A provincial spokesperson lists the following interim improvements stemming from the In-Service Road Safety Review were reviewed and installed where required: 

  • rumble strips on Provincial Road (PR) 210 approaching Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 12 

  • ‘Stop Ahead’ sign on PR 210 

  • red flashing lights on stop signs on PR 210 

  • enlarged stop signs on PR 210 

  • stop line/paint lines were reapplied as required 

  • additional illumination was reviewed, and no additional illumination is required based on Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s (MTI) standard 

The review included this look at long-term strategies. 

These items include countermeasures that will require significant planning and analysis due to their potential impacts on surrounding communities and developments. These items can be considered alternatives for further review as part of any future highway rehabilitation.  

• Improving the intersection skew angle.  

 • Intersection signalization (this should be supplemented with provision of slotted left-turn lanes with positive off-set).

• Alternative intersection configurations RCUT, MUT, Jug-handle, and roundabout. As noted in Section 6.6, careful consideration would be required before proceeding with any of the alternative intersection configurations presented to review operational characteristics of PTH 12 due to the isolated high-speed rural nature of this intersection.  

• Restriction of certain PR 210 movements.  

• Partial or Full intersection closure.  

The spokesperson says the functional design study is intended to identify the best option from the review and the future layout of the intersection. 

“MTI expects the functional design to conclude in early 2024. It is intended that as soon as practical following the functional design, a subsequent detailed design will be pursued to develop the construction details and contract for tendering and future construction.” 

The functional design study includes community consultation, which will begin next month and conclude early in the new year. 

With many different intersections across the province, the spokesperson indicates that some intersections have features that are similar to PTH 12 and PR 210. 

“Geometry, traffic patterns and collision history, however, can vary widely at intersections across the provincial highway network requiring different treatments at each site. The safety and operation of highway intersections in Manitoba are regularly assessed system-wide. Conditions such as traffic volumes, traffic patterns, as well as the number and severity of collisions, and near-miss analysis results are some of the factors that drive the need for road safety reviews as well as long-term planning for safety improvements at any intersection. MTI is currently pursuing a network-level screening to prioritize intersection improvement reviews throughout the province.” 


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