Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue is hosting Santa Claus at the Clearspring Centre this weekend and all pets are welcome.

Spokesperson Carey Hawkins says all you have to do is pop by the mall, no appointment necessary. 

“This year we are doing it over 2 days. On Saturday, November 25th, we are having Santa come in to take photos with your pets, with your children, with family, friends, everyone and every animal is welcome. On the 26th, Sunday, we are having a holiday photo shoot so Santa won't be there, but we will still have a photographer there and a nice backdrop to take with your family pets, friends, children and everyone.” 

Hawkins says they will be set up in the old Ardene’s location from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and then from noon to 5 PM on Sunday. She note there is a $10 charge for the photos and they will be emailed to you once they are done in about at week.  

She adds “We are also doing a bake sale. Kristin, she did the baking for the sale that we had back in October, which was a huge hit, Kristen will be providing some baking for the rescue to sell. Mikayla is one of her supporters, she's a young girl and she makes bracelets and she'll be selling bracelets and we will also be selling our calendars there, too.” 

Hawkins says proceeds from the event will go to Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue.  

To reiterate, Hawkins says all types of pets are welcome, though “I'm not sure if a cow would be allowed in the mall necessarily!”