The Steinbach Family Resource Centre has received over 900 entries so far in its annual Our Village Community Scavenger Hunt which takes players through the community in a quest to solve games and puzzles. 

“We have been getting tons of feedback from players, players who have never played before, who are really enticed by the game,” says Jo-Anne Dalton, Executive Director at the centre. “We have elevated the game. We've created a little bit of different clues and tricks and things like that to make it a little bit more fun to play. There are actually some puzzles to solve this year instead of just finding a location.” 


Steinbach Family Resource is hosting their annual “Our Village Community Scavenger Hunt”! Lots of different kind of puzzles to complete + lots of prizes to be won = a whole lot of fun for everyone of all ages! Learn more at

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She feels this is a fun way to explore the community. 

“It really great for families, it's good for date night, it's a really great idea to get out, even just yourself if you have a few hours of time. Because every time you find one of our activities, you're entered to win our custom vacation package worth over $2500 and you can enter to the win that one up to 25 times, every time you find one of these activities.” 

This is the final weekend for the scavenger hunt, with grand prize draws happening on Tuesday. 

To print the game boards, head over to and checkout all the rules and prizes worth $10,000. 

-With files from Dave Anthony, Michelle Sawatzky