Seine River Minor Baseball (SRMB) recently received a grant from the provincial government of $18,375 through the Building Sustainable Communities program.

SRMB works with youth from the ages of about four to 18 years of age, and they bring together the communities of St. Adolphe, Ill Des Chênes, and Lorette. 

Treasurer/Registrar of SRMB Marc Roy says the organization was thrilled when they found out they were going to get a grant. 

“We were ecstatic to find out that we were awarded $18,000 from the Building Sustainable Communities grant.” 

The major project the money will be going toward is the purchase of a new tractor for the association, which will be a great help to maintain the quality of the diamonds.

"Knowing that we have seven diamonds and maintaining those seven diamonds, that's a lot of work in regards to not only cutting the lawn and maintaining the outfields, but it's also about diamond infields to maintain and also screening them, making sure the mounds are good for our regular season games, for our tournaments, and for our guests that use our parks.” 

He says infrastructure like sporting facilities and outdoor facilities are very important these days. 

“With what we've lived in the last few years of the pandemic, kids have to be outside. We want them to play with their friends. We want them to be able to create relationships, to build capacity in that regard,” he says. “It's a great way to keep our diamonds in tip-top shape to allow our community to enjoy the outdoors and to keep building for the future.” 

The tractor has already been purchased, and Roy thanks the R.M. for working to get this grant application.  

“Shane Ray is our liaison person, he’s helping out us a lot in regard to all this kind of paperwork, and we're very happy to have our new tractor in our community.”