The Sidetrack Bandits are about to kick off the second season of Steinbach Comedy Night this coming Monday. 

They wrapped season one last year, performed at the Fringe Festival, and are now ready to put on a fresh new season for Steinbach. 

Cameron Penner from the Sidetrack Bandits says with the first season being such a great experience, the group has many reasons for wanting to continue. 

“First of all, we are a group of theatre nerds, and we love to do live comedy. It’s just an absolute blast. We started doing Fringe and then realized Steinbach needs this to happen here, not just in Winnipeg, s we started Comedy Night,” he says. “And it’s really special because Fringe is very intense, focused, but Comedy Night we get to just relax, have a little bit more fun, and do longer shows.” 

He says the audience in Steinbach is amazing. 

“The crowds we get are always so electric with energy.” 

Penner says that contrary to what some people may expect, the Sidetrack Bandits are not reusing any of the content from their Fringe show this year. 

“We have a whole bunch of new stuff, some old content from previous shows, but almost all new stuff.” 

He says they are going to have a huge variety of many different types of comedy all in one big show. 

“There’s going to be a bit of music, some improv, some sketches, some hybrid version of some of those. If you’re familiar with Menno News, you may be hearing from them as well.” 

Going forward, the Sidetrack Bandits are also hoping to partner with local comedians and comedy performers to help foster a comedy community in the Southeast.

The Sidetrack Bandits will be holding five shows every other month for Steinbach Comedy Night starting Monday, September 25. 

Tickets can be purchased on the Sidetrack Bandits Website.


With files from Kenton Dyck 


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