There is a lot of interest in being on Steinbach city council. 
Nominations closed Tuesday and while candidates have until the end of Wednesday the list has been released.
There are 2 people vying for the mayor's chair.  They are Chris Goertzen and Dwight Reimer.  As for councillors, Elbert Toews, Anne Friesen and Art Rempel are running again as well as newcomers Michael Zwaagstra, Jac Siemens, Justin Schinkel, Abe Hiebert, Dale Foreman and Roy Enns.  Mayor Les Magnusson is not running again.  He likes that people have a lot of choice.  He thinks it is really important to elect someone with financial experience because that is crucial to running a city.  You may have noticed that David Banman will not be running again.  He says it's time to step back and return to private life.  Banman was on council for 8 years.  Election day is October 25th.