The annual Stoneybrook Middle School Sports Cards and Collectibles Show is coming up and community members are invited to take part. 

Don Dewey is a teacher at SMS and runs the Sports Cards Club which was founded back in 2012. He notes the club has gone through a number of phases and iterations and currently has a very dedicated and enthusiastic membership. 

“We have two meetings a month where we'll have about 25 to 30 kids. They bring their cards, they trade cards with each other, we have some fun games and prizes that we give away. The kids are pretty excited about it, especially this year with NHL rookie Connor Bernard of the Blackhawks, his young guns card coming out." 

This year’s annual SMS Sports Cards and Collectibles Show is coming up on Aprils 27th at the Clearspring Centre from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. He notes it is a really cool chance for these members to exhibit and possibly sell some of what they have collected. 

Though it is still over a month away, Dewey says registration is open and community collectors are invited to take part. He notes this annual show took a hit during COVID and they are working to build it back up. 

“We would like as many people that want to come out to participate as possible. If they want to be a part of it, we would be more than glad to get more people in our community involved.” 

He adds “If someone wants to sell stamps or coins, we can definitely make that work. It's mainly hockey cards, but we're always open to people wanting to come out and show what they have and potentially sell or just to exhibit.” 

Dewey says they will be running a silent auction at the SMS Sports Cards and Collectibles Show and the proceeds will be going to a really neat cause. 

“This year, we are helping a school called Bedrock Academy in Mazatlán, Mexico. They are trying to start up a soccer program there for their kids and we'll have a silent auction to try to raise some awareness and funds for the school so more kids would have an opportunity to play soccer there.” 

If anyone has items they would like to add to the silent auction, they would be most welcome.  

In addition, Dewey says if you are interested in renting a table at the show for $20 or three for $50, you are encouraged to send him an email at