A familiar name will be on the ballot next month for voters in Springfield-Ritchot. Thirty-eight-year-old Trevor Kirczenow who lives in Dugald has run federally in two prior elections, but this will be the first time as a provincial election candidate, representing the Liberal party.

Kirczenow says the previous campaigns were an interesting experience.

"Some feedback that I got during those campaigns was that people appreciated having an LGBTQ person openly running in our area," notes Kirczenow. "The feedback that I got was that that really meant a lot to a lot of people."

A professional musician, Kirczenow performs with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra but also cares for Ojibwe horses on their small farm and is a hockey parent.

"I also spend a tonne of time at the hockey arena which has already started this season," notes Kirczenow. "Both my kids are in hockey, so I'm at the arena many, many hours per week."

Kirczenow says the biggest reason for running in this election is to be a voice against the proposed Sio Silica sand extraction project east of Anola.

"I am personally very concerned about the project, I think our water quality needs to come first above all else," notes Kirczenow. "And I worry that some politicians are being swayed maybe a little too much by the promise of the money that comes with the project and the jobs when really if we don't have clean drinking water, we have nothing."

According to Kirczenow, the silica sand extraction project is also the most common concern coming from constituents. That, as well as health and education.

"Two huge issues are health and education," suggests Kirczenow. "We have seen a lot of cuts to both of those areas over the years. This massive health overhaul that really did not go very well."

Kirczenow says our province needs to try and restore and rebuild services in both health and education. 

Meanwhile, Kirczenow says Manitoba has a long history of poor decision-making, cuts to essential services and not paying enough attention to the environment. 

"These are all issues that I will personally fight really hard for, and I would be a strong voice for the citizens here," adds Kirczenow.

The Springfield-Ritchot candidate has also been part of a campaign in recent years to improve diabetes coverage in our province, noting Pharmacare deductibles are very high in Manitoba and the whole system needs to be changed. 

Election day in Manitoba is October 3rd.


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