A lacrosse player from St. Adolphe hopes to see more interest in the sport. 

Matt Girardin says lacrosse is big in some provinces and he wants to grow the sport in Manitoba. 

“Southern Ontario, B.C., Alberta, even Saskatchewan now... the game's huge there. Manitoba, there is some traction, but we still got some work to do. It's a great game and the best cross training sport there is for hockey.” 

He says Manitoba Lacrosse is a huge supporter of his efforts. 

“We're just trying to grow it. Really what it takes is a champion of the sport. Growing up in the city my whole life, I haven't been part of these rural communities, but my wife and I moved to St. Adolphe five years ago and it's just been something I’ve always wanted to do. So, we're going to continue to try to build it. We've offered rec programs and now it's at a transition to try to get something more organized and structured league play to offer athletes to grow in the sport.” 

Come and Try Lacrosse events are planned for February 28 and March 6 at Niverville Elementary School from 6pm to 9pm. 

“It’s those basic skills of shooting, passing, catching and cradling. And then we're going to just have some gameplay and let them experience the game of it, how fast it is, what you're doing, and we want them to just fall in love and hopefully we'll get them registered.” 

Girardin says it would also be great to see more schools teach the sport. 

For more information, contact Girardin at saintslacrosse@shaw.ca or visit manitobalacrosse.com. 

-With files from Dave Anthony