Students at local colleges and universities started classes a few days ago, the new President of Steinbach Bible College, Dave Reimer, moved into his new office at the beginning of summer.

“I actually started in the position back on June 1st, so it’s been a summer of getting to know what the role is, getting to know the staff here, meeting partners from all over the place, and then also looking forward to meeting all the students, because that's what it's all about.” 

Reimer will be officially named the 8th President of Steinbach College on Sunday, September 10 in the SBC Chapel, to which he responds, 

“So, there's a sense of reality about being the 8th president. There's a vision that was cast back in 1936 to start this thing. There's been seven different presidents that have led to make sure this thing gets going, who have gathered the partners to make it work. So, I'm feeling a sense of responsibility and in taking up that role, I’m learning a lot with regard to how that role functions, and also really thinking of the privilege and the opportunity that we have to train observant leaders for church ministry, and other ministry work around the world. So, it's a privilege.” 

When it comes to class sizes of the 2023 - 2024 school year, Reimer says he is honoured to lead a group of about 100 students from across Canada and around the world. 

“We also have a significant number of students coming from northern Manitoba, for which we are thankful. And then there's always some international students, which for us is always a question because we accept a number of students, but there have been times when the government will block some of them coming in. So, we're always thankful for that, as it means there are more things to learn as we try to understand the culture of another country. I feel that we don't understand our culture until we understand someone else’s. So, that’s something we look forward to.”  

Reimer notes, their staffing looks about the same as last year with some professors moving from one department to another.  

“Which creates some excitement and enthusiasm about the new opportunities and moving into the dream part of the job, right?” 

He notes, the majority of their students live on campus which will be quite full this year.  

Reimer says starting a new school year is exciting with their schools' mission being “We’re training servant leaders.” He explains the moto.  

“When SBC started in 1936, Sunday School was a new thing, and so they going to need that Sunday School teachers. And so, SBC began to train Sunday school teachers and started to bring Christian education to the church and its ministry. But all along it's been about training servant leaders who go back to their churches and minister. I think that's one of the things on SBC's record, that students that come to Steinbach Bible College go back to their churches and serve there, and that's been a thing of beauty that's been what SBC is about, training servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church and engage in the world.” 

The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of the 8th President of Steinbach Bible College is taking place inside the SBC Chapel, starting at 3pm, with a reception to follow. Everyone is welcome to attend.


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