City crews have been plowing Steinbach streets since 5am this morning. 

Randy Reimer, Head of Public Works for the City of Steinbach, says today they concentrated on clearing the more heavily traveled streets. 

“We were concentrating on a lot of our collector streets, Loewen Blvd., Hespler, McKenzie, around the hospital, some of the downtown core stuff, Park Rd.” 

He says they are not sure how much snow they will get tonight and when exactly it is going to fall, but it’s likely they are going to plow everything all over again tomorrow morning. 

“The forecast is kind of moving back and forth a little bit here. We'll start early, but we're not exactly sure how early we'll start. We don’t want to start too early that we get too much snow after we start,” he says. “We'll see what kind of snow we get overnight and that will kind of dictate how we try and clean up tomorrow after it's finished.” 

Reimer says it's been a while since the last time crews have had to clear snow, which is weird considering it’s February. 

“It's been a very unusual winter. We've had light snowfalls, rain, all kinds of different mild temperatures, but we really haven't had a lot of heavier snowfalls after Christmas.”