Steinbach Community Christmas is preparing Christmas hampers for those in need.

They have received a lot of donations so far, and are looking forward to delivering the hampers.

Carolyn Peters from SCC says she is glad the numbers are looking good again this year. 

“We expected that because our community is so generous. We have amazing people who welcome our immigrants in, and we're just loving on these people because we feel so fortunate in the country that we're living in.” 

Peters says our community in the Southeast is filled with huge-hearted people, and that people have really stepped up to make sure everyone has food on their plate this Christmas. 

“The numbers are reflecting that this year with what's going on in the world, and so we're grateful to be able to host, and be warm and welcoming to lots of new people in our community.” 

She says although the community has come through amazingly, they still need more donations. SCC is funded solely by donations from the community. 

“We're still at that place where our community is truly our backbone for how this works. It is 'Community' Christmas.” 

SCC is made up of a committee of volunteers who come together at Christmas to coordinate the assembly and distribution of Christmas food and toy hampers to families in the Southeast.  

Peters notes their committee is keeping busy. 

“We're rolling, everyone’s doing their thing independently within our committee, which is so cool. We check in once in a while, but everyone just does what they do so well.” 

Registration for hampers is closing Wednesday, November 30th. If you need to register for a hamper for either yourself or someone you know, do it before November 30th. 

SCC operates out of Southeast Helping Hands on Main Street in Steinbach. 

To donate, you can drop off money at the Food Bank, either cheque or cash, or you can donate on their website

Remember to also drop by Canadian Tire for Toys Days on Wednesday, November 30th or Thursday, December 1st. 


with files from Michelle Sawatzky