A woman from La Broquerie is running as the Green Party candidate for Steinbach in next month's provincial election.

Gabrielle Simard-Nadeau lives on a farm with her family. Simard-Nadeau grew up in the area and she says her children are enrolled in the same French school in La Broquerie that she and her husband attended years ago, which she says is important to them. Simard-Nadeau says she is kept busy being a mother but also raising the cows and chickens on their farm.

Simard-Nadeau says she has no past political experience. However, she has done a lot of volunteering with the Green Party over the last few years. She is also Vice-Chair of the Manitoba Organic Development Fund (MODF), which is leading Canada's first organic grain check-off program. 

Simard-Nadeau admits that she is a paper candidate. She says she heard there was not a Green Party candidate in the Steinbach constituency and wanted to make sure that voters had another option on the ballot. 

"I'm really just happy that there's a Green Party option," she says. "I think there should be a bigger voter turnout and if there's another option maybe more people will come and vote for the Green Party."

But, Simard-Nadeau says it is not just about being another option, she stresses that a lot of the party's values related to the environment and the social aspect are big passions of hers. 

According to Simard-Nadeau, she supports four key platform areas of the Green Party. Those are addressing the climate crisis, ending poverty, restoring our health care system and having a proportional representation voting system in our province. 

Meanwhile, Simard-Nadeau says October 3rd could be a historic day in Manitoba. Our province has never had a Green Party MLA and Simard-Nadeau believes this could be the election when that changes, especially in the Wolseley constituency, where party Leader Janine Gibson is running. 


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