A house and garage received substantial damage in a fire overnight in Steinbach.

The Steinbach Fire Department was called to Hanover Street at approximately 12:30 Wednesday morning. Fire Chief Kel Toews says when they arrived on scene, a detached garage was burning and had already spread to the house. 

"When we rolled up, it was rocking pretty good," notes Toews.

He says it took about an hour before crews had the fire extinguished. 

According to Toews, the garage is pretty much a write-off. He notes the older home had an addition on the back which will likely be demolished. Toews says though the house sustained substantial damage, he thinks it can probably be salvaged. 

The Office Of The Fire Commissioner has been called in to investigate and determine a cause. At this point there is no damage estimate. 

Toews says the garage contained a considerable amount of contents. Not only that, but there were also three vehicles parked outside the garage that caught fire.

"Vehicles were also burning, so there was fuel involved," he says. "Some minor, smaller explosions."

Toews says the homeowner was home at the time of the fire. There were no injuries. 

Majority of the firefighters were able to leave the scene around 3 am.