The club volleyball season is going on right now and Taika Volleyball is offering an opportunity for even more kids to play. 

With the popularity of volleyball rising in the southeast, there isn’t room for all the kids that want to play.  

Taika started up last year with a 15U girls team. This year it’s grown into 13U, 14U and 15U girls teams, and now at the last minute they are adding a 14U boys team. 

Stephen Chuckrey with Taika Volleyball says they are holding tryouts on January 10 and 12 for their boys team. 

“It's basically 14 and under. Kids who tried out for 13U, so it'd be grade sevens, they can play up as well too. We want everybody to come out if you're interested and you want to come and play. We're just trying to get the opportunity for the kids to get out and play a little bit more.” 

Tryouts will be at Woodlawn on Wednesday, January 10 and Friday, January 12 from 6-8pm. Registration starts at 5:30pm. 

Chuckrey describes a typical club volleyball season. 

“We don't have league games or anything like that. It's involved with a lot of practices. This year we have four to five tournaments, and one of those is Provincials. And then there's possibly a national tournament. I believe Nationals is out in Edmonton this year during May long weekend.” 

They will also have exhibition games if they can plan something with other teams. 

“I think last year we actually had the 15U girls were practicing against a 13U boys team. It was great for both teams just to get an idea, see where their skill sets are, and allow coaches to set their lines.”  

He says this is a really good opportunity for kids to get more experience on the court. 

“With the SRSS being as big as it is, there's so much talent in there that even if you want to compete at a higher level, you really have to start getting a lot more training aside from just walking on the court,” he says. “This year the grade nines had two teams, and there were around 60 girls that tried out for those 24 spots. That's quite competitive and that's just at the high school level.” 

For more information, call 204-380-2609 or email 


With files from Michelle Sawatzky