The Daily Bonnet, a Mennonite satirical news site, is now a name of the past.  

Editor Andrew Unger felt that after almost seven years of "The Daily Bonnet," the time was right for a name change. The site will now be called "The Unger Review." 

“I knew how much Mennonites love change and have a reputation for just loving change. So, I figure now is the time to change the name of the website,” Unger says. 

He adds that his book, "The Best of the Bonnet," made him feel like it was “the end of an era.”  

Unger was inspired by satirists that use their names, like the "Colbert Report." The play is under review is the phrase that goes with the new name. He says that he looked online for "all the Unger possibilities.” 

“I looked at under siege, under suspicion, under the influence, "The Hunger Games." In football there's something to say, this play is under review, so I thought it still sounds like a newspaper while having that pun in there,” Unger explains. 

Unger notes that not all of his stories are about Mennonites and that the new name will allow him to broaden the topics of his stories. 

“It felt like changing the name might represent what it is now, which is primarily Mennonite, but not entirely. The use of the name bonnet sort of suggests it's entirely about Mennonites and a certain type of Mennonite, whereas I think the new name, it doesn't pigeonhole quite so much,” 

He says that the response to the change has been positive. 

“I was sort of concerned that you know people might have a negative reaction, but so far, it's been good, so that's great,” 

Despite the end of an era, Unger reassures that the content will stay the same. 

With files from Corny Rempel and Dave Anthony.