The Seine River School Division is starting the new school year with 150 more students compared to enrollment at the end of June. 

“There aren’t bulges in any one area of the division,” says Superintendent Ryan Anderson. “I think we’re seeing consistent growth across all of our communities.” 

Anderson reports that they ended last year with 4,663 students and have already seen an increase to start this year. 

“Using how many students attended on Thursday and Friday of the first week of school and then Monday, which was this week, our number at the end of Monday was 4,813 students.” 

Anderson expects enrollment numbers to fluctuate throughout this first month of the school year. 

School divisions submit their September 30th enrollment numbers to the province which is used to calculate funding for the following year. 

There are 15 schools in Seine River, which includes the communities of St. Norbert, La Salle, St. Adolphe, Ile des Chenes, Lorette, Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, and Richer.


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