The Hanover Soccer Club is gearing up for another great season. 

Club President Norm Anderson says "There is always a lot of interest in soccer" here in the Southeast. 

“Registration is pretty good. We closed registration earlier in the month and we are around the same number we had last year. We are excited to get out onto the grass, it has been a long, long wait this year.” 

If everything goes to plan, Anderson says the season will get underway on Monday, May 8th. He notes the soccer fields should be usable by that point. 

“We were at the park last night, because of the design of the fields and the shape, there is not a lot of moisture in the top and they are pretty dry.” He adds “I am sure once next week comes, the heat will come in and we will see some grass shoots popping up and we will be able to get going.” 

Though registration is complete, Anderson notes they could use a few more leaders. 

“I think there are two of our teams that are still requiring coaches and we are doing our best to find somebody to step up there but for everybody else, we seem to be thoroughly equipped.” 

These days Anderson says he usually stays off the field, but in addition to their regular soccer programming, he notes they are also planning a special alumni event and he might have to take to the pitch. 

“We are actually hoping to hold a legends game, we are calling it, for the guys that started the club back in 2000. We are hoping to accommodate some of those guys in early June. We are going to finalize that date and publish that very, very soon.” 

A man in a red shirt smilesNorm Anderson is the President of the Hanover Soccer Club