Provencher MP and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says his department is staying vigilant regarding ongoing cyber attacks on government computers and data bases. Information has come to light over the past week about more such incidents.

Toews tells us this matter is a high priority. He says, "The Government of Canada remains very concerned about these attacks, which go on on a constant basis. Some of these hackers are very sophisticated. We believe that they may be affiliated with various states so that they are state-sponsored hackers as opposed to simply people causing mischief." Toews declined to name any countries but a report by computer security firm McAfee has pointed a finger at China.

Toews says technology is the answer to setting up better defences for government computers. But at the same time, he notes hackers are also constantly finding new ways to get through security systems.

The government has committed 90 million dollars towards cyber security. It is also working with private industry and other governments to develop new mechanisms to protect the privacy and security of information.