11-year-old Layla Doerksen is turning her reaction to the war in Ukraine into action.

“I heard about the war and I felt very sad and upset that that was happening in Ukraine. So I knew that I wanted to do something to help.

She came up with the idea of selling necklaces and giving the profits to the Red Cross humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

With a deep family connection to the country, Layla felt compelled to act.

“I do Ukrainian dancing and my family comes from Ukraine, like my grandparents, their family is from Ukraine.”

Layla’s mother, Hali, is understandably proud of her daughter. “She's been so driven with this idea and she has her whole heart into it"

Layla wrote a letter to go along with the necklaces describing her feelings and the reasons behind her efforts.

As of the start of the Easter weekend, Layla had already sold $200 worth of necklaces.

The $12 necklaces are available for purchase by emailing Hali Doerksen at: hrd6030@mymts.net or buy them online by clicking here


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