Considering the wet spring we had, the owner of Reimark Farms north of Steinbach says his crops are looking surprisingly good. 

Mark Reimer says the cool, wet weather we had this spring pushed seeding back considerably. 

“We learned a little more patience this year. At the end of May, it appeared we wouldn’t have much of a crop. The tide turned sometime in June and we think we have a good crop.”  

Reimark Farms is a fifth-generation family farm that Mark and his wife run with their son and two other full-time staff. He notes they are growing corn, soybeans, wheat, and canola this year. 

The Reimark Farms logo on the side of a truck

With September right around the corner, Reimer says they are in the middle of their harvest preparations.  

“We’re tuning up the trucks, the combines, emptying the last bin of corn to sell to the local market, and getting physically and emotionally ready for a long harvest. At the end of next weekend or somewhere around there, we should be starting with the combines.” 

Reimer says the farming community is really about collaboration. 

“Farmers can’t be the jack of all trades and we really have a lot of hats to wear and so we have to be able to have access to good professional help." He adds “we embrace some of our industry partners and actually enjoy the farming.”