There have been a couple of bear sightings in our area in the last week.
You might want to empty out your bird feeder for the next little while.  A number of bears have been spotted in the area over the past week.  A mom and her cubs were seen in Ste. Anne, another was spotted south of New Bothwell and numerous golfers have seen them at Quarry Oaks.  Conservation officer Al Meyers says that's pretty normal for this time of year as bears are looking for food to put on weight for winter.  The problem is that food is pretty scarce this year because all the berries in the bush have dried up due to all the heat this summer.  So the bears are looking in other places, like our bird feeders.  If you don't want a bear showing up in your backyard don't keep any food outside.  If your should come upon a bear, make lots of noise so you don't surprise it and then it should run away.