Hwy 75 Flood Plans Expected

This scene at Morris should be prevented with flood proofing
The Mayor of Morris says reports that the province intends to move on a plan to keep Highway 75 dry during spring floods is welcome news.  Transportation Minister Steve Ashton has said he will release details of that plan shortly.  Mayor Dale Hoffman says there's some speculation the project could involve the construction of a channel to divert the Morris River around the town of Morris and into the Red River north of the community.  The Town made this proposal to the province about a year ago.  He says such a move would eliminate the need to raise the bridge on the north side of town and would protect the town's cemetery and lagoon.  Hoffman admits however, diverting the Morris River will not keep Highway 75 out of water to the south of the community.  He says that stretch of highway from Morris to St. Jean would need to be raised about 2 feet higher.

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