Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, our weekly opportunity to highlight those making music in our province. This weekend we're welcoming Andrina Turenne to the program. This isn't Andrina's first time with us, but it has been nearly eight years since she last appeared on Made in Manitoba, and that was with her previous group Chic Gamine.

Over that time, the Winnipeg singer-songwriter has spent time performing in theatre, lending her voice to voice over work, and of course, creating a lot of music!

"Bold as Logs" is what's come out of that time, 11 French and English language songs... some of them in process for years before finally being recorded for this album. We'll get to the story behind that, as well as the Cajun music sound in some of the French language songs on the album, including one inspired by the stories of 19th Century Métis hunter and trader Louis Goulet Andrina read in one of her father’s books.

After more than 20 years in the music industry, Andrina has arrived at releasing her debut solo effort, and we're looking forward to sharing music from it, and my conversation with her, over the next 30 minutes. This is Made in Manitoba, with Andrina Turenne