A vigil at K.R. Barkman Park, in honour of those who lost their lives in the Orlando, Florida shooting on Sunday, was attended by approximately 200 people. The night included the reading of the names of those who lost their lives and was followed by speeches from several local and provincial spokespeople.

NDP interim leader Flor MarcelinoNDP interim leader Flor Marcelino was in attendance and says it's a small gesture for those that are still alive, to honour those who perished.

"I think if we as a community come together to support one another, encourage one another, and strengthen one another in the face of this very, very trying time, I think we come out stronger. We show the world that, hey, we have love in our hearts and we don't fear."

Marcelino adds, here in Canada, we need to be vigilant and mindful of the differences in people and accept them without condition.

Cari PennerThe floor was opened to the public before the night closed and Cari Penner came to speak, not as a Steinbach City councillor or on behalf of Steinbach City Council, but as a community citizen.

"For myself, I felt this event was an important community event to show that we support the people who were killed in Orlando on the weekend. It's an event that draws so much sadness, especially from the gay community and I feel that we need to show support, love and acceptance."

Penner adds, to respond, people need to open their eyes and see what's happening in society and make sure they are a part of the love and acceptance, not the intolerance.