The Friedensfeld Community Centre has a new cooler and a big bill to go along with it. 

Vice President Dayna Freund says the cooler stopped working during an event and left them scrambling. 

“It was a very old unit, we did get it used,” she says. “It kept running for a good amount of years. Unfortunately, we did have to replace that and the hall took a big hit for that because it was just a big chunk.” 

The new cooler cost around $13,000. 

Freund looks forward to their second annual fundraising social to help pay some bills while having fun and bringing the community together. 

“We’re just really wanting to raise awareness of the hall and get more people out there, get that community engaged,” she says. “Last year, seeing everybody at the social, that was just so fantastic. We just we want to do that, again.” 

The fundraising social is on April 15.

-With files from Dave Anthony