When two daughters from Steinbach were hit with the tragic news in December that their dad was killed in a car crash, they experienced incredible community support to help them through the difficult time. 

Colin Clay died on December 9th, leaving behind his daughters Ella and Avery. 

Their mom, Andrea, says that during the days and weeks that followed, it was the kindness of family, friends, and strangers that helped them move forward.

Ella and Avery Clay with their mom AndreaElla and Avery Clay with their mom, Andrea. (Photo submitted)

She wrote the following letter to express their appreciation. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to this community for pulling together like you did, during the most tragic time in the lives of my daughters Avery & Ella Clay. 

Words will never be enough for me to say thank you, and I wish I could personally say thank you to each and every one of you for your monetary donations, meal train suppers, gift cards, baking, snacks, phone calls/check ins etc. 

It’s no surprise to me that’s southeastern Manitoba is voted number one in the nation for their generosity.  

Colin loved our daughters more than anything in this world.  He was always talking about them, sharing their accomplishments, and he was an all-around proud and great father to them both. 

He would be so proud of this community for coming together, and making sure that Avery and Ella were looked after.  Some of the decisions, and opportunities they have had to think about would not be possible without your generosity, so thank you!!!! 

One thing that the 3 of us have noticed, since their father's passing, is that so much beauty and wonder can also appear during tragic times. 

Through the Go Fund Me, they have been able to pay off remaining bills, and start thinking about their future.  Now their challenges will come with deciding on school, and a future career. 

Seeing as they have been thrown into adulthood & independence overnight, they have secured a new place to live within the community with a friend, and they are very excited!!!! 

The girls both have a long road ahead of them, and if you would still like to donate to their Go Fund Me Page, that would be amazing, and if you are unable to, I will ask that you please pass on the link to others.   

I will never forget what this city and surrounding communities have done for my daughters, and I will be eternally grateful to you all!!!  

Thank you, 

Andrea Clay 


-With files from Carly Koop