Council for the R.M. of Ste. Anne took some time at a recent meeting to discuss the value of food bank volunteers. 

Deputy Reeve Randy Eros put forward a request to spend some money on an event that would show these hard-working volunteers that they are appreciated. 

“They do huge work for the municipality and one of the things that we could do is volunteer recognition for that work that they do,” Eros told council. “We do volunteer recognition for our firefighters. This is an equally important job that goes on within the R.M.” 

Council unanimously approved spending $500 on an event for food bank volunteers. 

Councillor Robert Sarrasin offered his reason for supporting this motion. 

“They would never ask to be recognized so that’s probably the most important part, that we do recognize them regardless,” he said. 

The food bank, Accueil Kateri Centre, first opened its doors in 2015

Every second Wednesday, grocery hampers are distributed, which include up to five meals worth of food per registered client. 


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