The Hanover School Board has appreciated in-person school presentations this year. 

Chair Ron Falk says trustees enjoy these updates on what is happening in each school.  

“We really appreciate the schools coming in,” he says. “It's great to have them in once again. Of course, for a number of years now we couldn't, but to have them come in and each school does such a different presentation from the other school, and they're presenting something that they're either really keen on or something they've just done, or a new program they're offering.” 

Falk says the school presentations are informative and really special. 

This week, Clearspring Middle School brought in some Grade 6 students who performed a few numbers from their spring musical The Lion King and it brought the trustees to their feet with loud applause. 

“It’s always exciting,” says Falk. “The kids are excited when they come to present, and obviously the staff are excited and parents many times tag along and support their kids. So, the room is full, and we just thoroughly enjoy having the schools come in. It’s a really good time.” 

Trustees also learned of the many clubs that operate in the school, with some of the clubs initiated by students. 

The Hanover School Board will hold its final public meeting of the school year on June 29th.