The Rural Municipality of Hanover has received a provincial grant to replace the ice resurfacer at the Mitchell arena.

Jason Peters is Manager of Recreation and Community Services. He says their current machine has surpassed its life expectancy and a new one is needed. Peters says it is still functioning but is closer to the end of its life than the beginning. 

Our province recently awarded the RM of Hanover with a $75,000 grant through its Building Sustainable Communities program, to be used towards replacing the ice resurfacer. Peters says the unit they are looking to purchase will cost about $140,000. But he notes it could take up to a year before they take possession. Until then, they will continue using their old machine.

"I think we can make it through another season with it," says Peters. "The old one is still working, but there have been some repairs on it the last couple of years. And we're past the life expectancy on the unit."

Peters says they are thrilled to be awarded this provincial grant. 

"We're excited hopefully sometime next hockey season to have a new ice machine there," he adds. "We're certainly looking forward to a newer piece of equipment."

Peters says though their current one is still functional; they want to be proactive so that they do not end up in a situation where they do not have a working machine. 

Meanwhile, Peters says the funds needed to cover the remaining costs of the ice resurfacer will come through the Mitchell Recreation Reserve as well as some CDI funding. CDI (Community Development Initiative) funding comes through a Manitoba Hydro initiative. Hanover's CDI funds are allocated to be used for recreation purposes.