“It just kind of sets the atmosphere and the tone for the community and for our customers.” 

John Verret understands the importance of celebrating the holiday season, which is why Fairway Ford’s general manager has continued the tradition of decorating their showroom. “It looks beautiful if you ever drive down Main Street in the evening,” he says. “Our staff are always excited.” 

“As far as I’m concerned, we have the best-decorated store in all of Steinbach,” sales consultant Mina Dumcum confirms. “I think Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate.” 

Many Steinbach residents are also stopping into the showroom to share in the holiday cheer. 

“They’re not even looking to buy a car necessarily or service a car,” Verret says. “They’ll come in and talk to our salespeople and they’ll talk to our service staff and they’ll ask ‘How are you doing? How are your kids doing? Are you excited for Christmas?’” 

“We’ve been so fortunate to have our long-time customers dropping off food for us and treats and oranges and all that fine stuff there,” Service Manager Mikey Neufeld adds. “We’ve been beyond full of food!” 

The exchange of gifts is not a one-way street, as Fairway Ford is giving back to customers with a special December promotion to aid those in need of a new vehicle during a busy shopping season. 

“Christmas is a time of year that can be expensive for families and for people – especially if you are in the market that you need a new vehicle,” Verret acknowledges. “If you need a new truck, come see us. We’re giving away one thousand dollars in gift cards to help make Christmas a little easier for you.” 

“It’s an ideal time to pick up a pick-up,” Dumcum asserts. “Our interest rates are still low; you can lock in on a fabulous deal.” 

The December gift card promotion isn’t limited to trucks; Verret added those looking for SUVs would receive 500 dollars in gift cards for local businesses. With a partnership change in 2022, both Verret and the new owners were keen to reaffirm Fairway Ford’s strong commitment to Steinbach.  

“This building is over 100 years old, same location. That means something to the community, that means something to me, that means something to our staff. It’s really about bringing home what’s important to our customers. It’s not always about selling that vehicle – it’s about what’s going on in their lives, and that’s a rapport that we have that we just cherish.” 

To see their winter wonderland on display and learn more about the December gift card promotion, visit Fairway Ford at 236 Main Street in Steinbach.