Rob Jessup is excited to give Steinbach residents the opportunity to vote for a provincial NDP candidate that actually lives in their riding.

Jessup says he moved to Steinbach in 2014 because he loved the community and the welcoming environment. He says he was at a convention in March and met long-time NDP MLA Andrew Swan. When Jessup voiced his concern that the previous NDP candidate wasn’t from the area, Swan encouraged him to run.

"In 2016 there was no candidate that lived in the riding and I do not believe a candidate has ever lived the riding for the NDP. I live here, I work here, my kids go to school here. I love the community and I think there needs to be a viable second option."

Jessup recently won the NDP nomination and will be on the Steinbach ballot in the upcoming provincial election set to take place September 10th. 

Having been a member of the UFCW 832 union for the last seven years, Jessup says he was initially drawn to the NDP because of their strong support of labour. He notes he also appreciates their stance on addictions issues and is passionate about bringing more addictions programming to Steinbach.

"I work with a non-profit that works with people with disabilities. I have been doing this for 11 years and I work with a lot of other grassroots agencies throughout town and a lot of us are seeing a lot of issues in town that need to be addressed like the addictions to meth. I'd like to focus on recovery, I'd like to see in this area more access to addictions programs."

Jessup says he is also concerned about the cuts to healthcare that the Progressive Conservative party has been rolling and he is excited to give residents in the Steinbach riding an alternative.