Improvements are coming to Loewen Boulevard East of Steinbach. 

The RM of La Broquerie and the RM of Ste. Anne are working together on the upgrade and will split the cost 50/50. 

La Broquerie Reeve Ivan Normandeau says they will be working on about a mile and a half of Loewen Boulevard. 

“This is a shared road with the RM of Ste. Anne, so we're planning on upgrading a good portion of that road.” 

Normandeau says they are not out for tender yet, so he is not sure what the cost will be. 

He says communication with Ste. Anne regarding the road has been great. 

“We basically meet with the RM almost on a yearly basis, and we both know the roads, we both drive down the road, so we both know what needs repairs and what section.” 

Normandeau says Loewen Boulevard is a well-loved road. 

“That road is well traveled, and especially with developments, a lot more people are traveling on that road.” 

He adds that it would be great to pave the road, but it's not a great financial decision at this time.

"Obviously in a perfect world you would want to pave it and you don't have to fix it up, but the cost right now of paving the road is just through the roof. All we need to do is just get rid of all the old gravel and put in some new geotextile and put some new gravel in."

Normandeau says construction will likely start in spring or summer depending on the tendering process. 

He expects construction would take between 2-4 weeks.