A big change is coming to southeastern Manitoba as an Alberta Clipper moves into the province. 

Scott Kehler at Weather Logics says we can expect quite a range in weather conditions, starting Monday morning with some snow. 

“Then some fairly mild temperatures during the afternoon and then later in the day, a cold front coming through which will drop temperatures and cause winds to pick up, making it feel a lot more like winter again.” 

It does not look like we will get a significant amount of precipitation. 

“We do expect there'll be some snow during the morning,” he says. “It's not looking like a significant amount, probably about two to five centimeters in the Southeast, but then some of that will melt in the afternoon. So, it might not actually seem like we got a lot of snow by later in the day. The heaviest snow is expected farther north through the Parkland and Interlake. They could see 10 to 20 centimeters.” 

As the clipper moves through the region, there could be more snow on Monday night and into Tuesday. 

The temperature could reach +9 on Monday, which is one degree warmer than the record temperature we set in 1999. 

“It'll be a day where temperatures start below freezing, then climb up potentially well above freezing during the afternoon hours, and then drop well below freezing by Monday night. It can be a real rollercoaster of temperatures throughout the day along with different types of weather. So, it won't be like a traditional winter storm where things get worse as the day goes on. It will actually get better during the middle of the day, and then get worse again in the evening as the system begins to depart.” 

With rain and snow along with the warm temperatures that will plumet in the evening, motorists can expect to encounter drastic changes on our highways. 

“The two times to really watch for poor driving weather would be in the morning as that first band of snow pushes through,” says Kehler. “There could be some blowing snow with that as well with some gusty winds. And then during the late morning through afternoon, weather for driving should be okay with a lot of melting snow going on and then a flash freeze in the evening and into the overnight hours with that cold front going through.” 

The dip in temperatures could create icy patches for the drive home on Monday afternoon along with some snow. 

“So don't be fooled if you see the weather improve in the afternoon, because it won't last very long.” 

This Alberta Clipper is expected to move through the region rather quickly. 

“So, the main system will largely be over by Tuesday morning. Winds will still be on the gusty side early Tuesday, but the system will have started to move off to the east. We do see the potential for maybe a little bit more snow during the day on Tuesday as another weak system passes by. It's not really part of the main Alberta Clipper, but there could be more light snow Tuesday.” 

Kehler is keeping an eye on another weather system moving in at the end of next weekend, saying it could potentially be stronger than this clipper. 

Steinbach came close to breaking the record for daytime temperatures on Saturday. The mercury rose to 6.2C, just shy of the 6.5C temperature set in 1999 for February 24th. 

While there is a chance that we can surpass the record high of 8C on Monday, February 26th, Kehler says the snowfall in the morning could potentially keep the air a bit cooler than that.